Friday, 30 April 2010



Josune Bereziartu is a Basque climber who was born in Lazkao in 1972. She started climbing when she was seventeen. She remembers watching a TV programme called “Al Filo de lo Imposible” (translation: “nearly impossible”) where two women were climbing a very difficult rock. From that day on she started dating some people form the climbing community in the Basque Country because her sister’s boyfriend knew them very well and it was easy for her to get to them.

Josune thinks that training is essential in any sport and so it is in climbing. That is why she practices everyday about six or seven hours.

She thinks that there are 8 steps a climber must follow when practicing the sport:

1. Always warm up and stretch before you start climbing.
2. Preview and read the route before you climb it.
3. Use only the degree on you grip as necessary to steady your balance.
4. Develop your sense of balance.
5. Keep your body close to the wall.
6. Use your legs to hold your weight, not your arms.
7. Develop the right techniques.
8. Watch and learn from other good climbers.

She usually uses a rope, proper shoes, slcd devices, some protection and harnesses.

Josune Bereziartu has never won a championship but she has become the first woman in the world climbing a 8c wall.


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  2. Our sport is "Racquetball.

    The rules are:
    ·Insted of using a bat, you used a raquet.
    ·Insted of using a ball, you used a tennis ball.
    ·There is not catcher.
    ·The pitch is a square, not a circle.
    ·There are 8 players in a team.

    Signed: Ane A.,Udane,Ane C.,Irati.
    Haurtzaro school.

  3. My name is Añes and I am in Robyn´s class in Oñati. This is our sport
    1. Basketball + Rollerblang + Pelota.
    2. Haw do we play?
    3. We play using the same rules as basketball.
    4. But we will use a pelota ball instead of a basketball.
    5. We will wear Roller blades.
    6. There will be two teams of 5 people.
    7. You can bounce the ball as many times as you like.
    8. You can only bounce the ball with one hand at a time.
    9. The game will be one hour.
    10. There will be four parts that are 15 minutes.
    11. There will be four breks in between each part that are 5 minutes long.